Sell Your Services Online:

5 steps to transition your health & wellbeing services into an online program to reach MORE paying clients with LESS work

(...even if you're NO good at tech or have ZERO spare time!)

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In this Video & PDF Guide, we'll cover:

  • My 5 steps to transition & sell your services online, and create an online business ecosystem that brings in more paying clients with less time/energy

  • A business wellbeing audit checklist to see your current business status and where you can improve your business model to serve more clients and fit in with your ideal lifestyle

  • The FASTEST & EASIEST way to shift your services online and become a stand out expert in your niche (even if you barely have an online presence)

  • Examples of how to implement my 5 steps to get more paying clients with less work (even if you have ZERO time or are NO good with tech)

  • How to reach paying clients around the world with your skills & support, so you can escape the time for money trap and create an uncapped impact & impact potential 

Hey I'm Michelle!

I'm a counsellor+entrepreneur turned Business Wellbeing Coach. 
I support busy women in health & wellbeing services to transition & sell their services online in a way that effortlessly builds their impact, income AND ideal lifestyle to go from burnt out biz owner to Wealthy Wellpreneur!

After hustlin' on "all the things" in my first business and hitting burnout,
I transformed my biz & life to work on MY terms. With my signature lifestyle system, I cut my hours in half and made MORE impact & income as a result, exceeding 7 figures!

Now I help other women to create their own online signature program & online business model to achieve business/life integration, so they can do more of what they love without sacrificing their wellbeing, relationships or life goals.

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Don't end up sitting at your desk on Monday morning wondering if business & life could look different, knowing you missed this chance to make massive shifts in your business...

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