Transition your health & wellbeing services online with your own unique signature program that creates more impact, income & time for what matters most in business AND life...
(even if you're NO good at technology or have ZERO spare time!) 

Want to turn your services into an online personalised program over just 90 days, so you can stand out online and have more paying clients with less work?

I see you sitting there, BUSY BEE...

✘ Feeling overwhelmed with the never ending to-do list that gets bigger no matter how much you cross off

✘ Eagerly applying productivity hacks from "experts" but finding they leave you less productive & more overwhelmed. What gives?!

✘ Never having the time to go to yoga, eat smashed avocado with your friends or see the new Chris Hemsworth movie

✘ Working all the hours on all the things, but not seeing the results that the latest webinar said you'd have and left drinking a glass of wine out of exhaustion rather than celebration


✘ Feeling isolated, alone and ashamed with your struggles as you watch other *Solopreneurs* or *Mumpreneurs* kicking goals...

✘ Feeling like a fraud telling everyone in your business and life to focus on their wellbeing, but being so busy that you're dropping the ball with your own wellbeing & relationships


✘ Needing to choose between your business or lifestyle because you can't seem to make them work together and have the best of both worlds


✘ Watching your friends travel the world, get married, start a family or hang out with their kids while you're knee deep in tax receipts & Instagram posts


✘ Telling yourself that "one day" when you have more money/time/energy, you'll be able to be the partner/friend/parent/boss you'd like to be


✘ Feeling like things look good on paper but you really feel out of alignment, burnout and like you wish things could work more on your terms...


If you're screaming yes to any of these things in your head, then you're not alone -

BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I've got the torch...


I know what it feels like to be stuck juggling "all the things" and having to choose between business & life and wondering when it will all come together...

So, let's get you off that busy business treadmill and running free with a soul aligned business & life that work together with the fulfillment, fun and freedom you deserve...

Let me ask you this...
What would happen to your brand if you became unwell or burnt out, couldn't show up for your clients or got hit by a preverbial bus?


It's time to put the online structures, supports and soul into your business,
not only for your own benefit...but for the benefit of your business

What if life could look a little more like THIS ...

✔ Having more physical & mental space to start a family, spend weekends looking for your dream home, travel to that country you've had on your bucket list or channel your inner Demi Moore at a pottery class

✔ Using productivity solutions that are tailored to you so you get things done right with MORE time, energy and joy left over rather than less.

✔ Going to the park with your kids, falling asleep on the couch at 3pm or spending an extra 30 minutes at brunch without feeling business guilt

✔ Focusing on the business tasks that spark so much joy that Marie Kondo would be jealous


✔ Being able to put yourself back to the top of the priority list and wipe the cobwebs off your $90 yoga pants or indulge in that float tank thing you see everyone doing


✔ Attracting & converting dream clients with ease (hello soulful success) by being able to walk your talk and connect with clients in a way that has them reaching out to work with you

✔ Having the confidence to show up authentically in your business and life, so that you can create a stand out personal brand and achieve epic results & community for your clients 

✔ Stepping into #girlboss mode & scaling your reach with your very own personalised online program and scaling your business to have a bigger impact and income (all by doing less not more!)

✔ Creating a business and life that click together like a jigsaw piece and finally have you feeling the fun and freedom that you wanted when you first popped on your entrepreneurial hat


and so 👏 much 👏 more 👏...


Well this is all POSSIBLE for you when you put the right things in place for your brand's biggest asset - YOU!

Wealthy Wellpreneurs!

Wealthy Wellpreneurs is a powerful 90 day group coaching program for women with a health & wellbeing service business (Coaches, Consultants, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Healers, Yoga Teachers, Psychologists etc) who are tired of their busy, hustle fuelled reality and want an aligned lifestyle system for epic wealth & wellbeing in their business AND life...

  • Create wealth in business AND life!

    Over 90 days we'll work through my Wealthy Wellpreneur Framework that is personalised to *your needs and goals*, so you can ditch the hustle (yes it's possible) and design a business & life that works for you and your lifestyle, and makes you a stand out personal brand in the online space that attracts clients with ease.

  • Productivity, personalised!

    These are NOT your classic cookie cutter approaches (like wake up at 5am or drink green smoothies)...yawn - been there, done that. These are overarching principles that can be adapted to your unique business & life, so that you can serve more people online with your skills and also  make time for your wellbeing, relationships & life goals, behind the scenes.

Wealthy Wellpreneurs is designed specifically for women who are fed up with feeling like their business is taking over their wellbeing & relationships, wanting a bigger impact/income potential than 1:1 sessions/consultations and want to grow their personal brand online in a way that makes you the go-to expert that attracts clients with ease!

​You want the best of both worlds with the perfect mix of soul & structure - and you're 
ready to claim it for yourself!

Want a little (or a lot) more
ease & flow in your biz & life?

“I have developed a plan and strategy to get my program launched and I am very excited to get it going thanks to Wealthy Wellpreneurs”


“Michelle has guided me with the practical how-to's on what programs and software to use, how to connect and reach my niche audience, and how to launch my program into the internet world. Without her input and advice I could have been lost in the world of internet for months or even years before I got my program launched. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and for your genuine help and guidance”

Anthea H

Nutritionist & Chiropractor

“I was able to brainstorm my ideas and vision about my program and having Michelle to guide and support me to make it all realistic and doable…”


“I have been shown so many options that I had no idea were possibilities. I have learnt so much about how to begin running a business in a way that benefits me and my wellbeing. I have also discovered more about myself, my strengths and where in my business I can share the load.”

Natasha P

Wellness Coach

Why you need
in your business & life, pronto!

More Structure

Get the structures, supports and systems that will streamline & scale your biz online, so you can work less & spend more time on the things that matter most to you in biz AND life.

More Soul

Transcend the hustle of surface level success and create success that is soul aligned and fulfilling, and also oozes into your brand to grow your image, impact and income with ease.

More Sales

Learn to create wealth & wellbeing behind the scenes of your business, that transpires into your personal brand and how you show up to serve - creating raving fans & dream clients.

More Success

Create revenue on your own terms, contribute to your household income and create a sustainable living from doing what you love!  Have success in a way that works for you and lights up your soul.


You'll design your online signature service (& schedule) in a way that allows your business & life to integrate together, with the fulfillment, fun and freedom you crave - that doesn't involve more work or hiring an expensive team...

You'll escape the capped income & impact potential of face to face sessions or local clinic hours and scale your business reach in a way that generates MORE sales while you're spending time on the things you enjoy.

You'll discover the mindset perspectives, business strategies and personalised productivity hacks to design a soul aligned business & life on your terms - that brings you wealth across all areas of your life...

No more choosing between business goals and life goals, or having to put your life & wellbeing on hold while you continue to "grow your empire" without feeling fulfilled...

What You'll Get...

  • bi-Weekly Group Coaching

    6 x 90 minute online Group Coaching calls every 2 weeks where we'll join as a small group to review your progress, do hot seat coaching, & answer any questions

    ($1997 value)

  • Module  Resources

    Workbooks, worksheets, templates and challenges to keep you on track ($197 value)

  • Technology walkthroughs

    In depth video screen-share walkthroughs of how to use recommended software and set up your program. Many of the programs have free options!($497 value)


  • live office hours

    In between our group calls I'll pop into the private Facebook community & answer your burning questions ($197 value)

  • Wealthy Wellpreneur Framework

    Online training portal with bite sized video training covering my 7 key principles to creating wealth in biz & life ($997 value)

  • Private Community

    for the group where you can access support, advice and connection from other group members within Facebook ($497 value)

PLUS, I'm Throwing In These

amazing BONUSES!



To clarify your online program offer and set a plan on to get you started on the areas to address first
($497 value)



We'll get together for 3x workshop sessions where we'll get your niche & content sorted, plan your signature program, & execute your launch strategy! ($1497 value)



Holly Maccue will be joining us to show how to get a no brainer yes from clients. Plus access past guest expert sessions!  ($997 value)



Find out the key componants for a sales page that sells and see my critique of one of my client's pages!
($247 value)

Plus, know that you're not only enhancing your own business & life but you'll also be supporting another women to do the same with a $50AUD donation to World Vision - to the 'Help Support A Women To Start A Business' appeal, submitted at the end of your program and you'll receive a card to have as a keepsake​ 



That's over $7500 worth of awesomeness

But you wont even pay  half that...


Want MORE?
Supercharge Your Results With
VIP Support...

It'll be like having your business bestie right in your back pocket...

So when you're in those moments of overwhelm or doubt
you've always got someone to reach out to who "gets" it!


    to guide you with putting the right things in place *for you* in your business & life so you can get the results you're after faster


    so you can listen back and work on your goals with more clarity


    access to me for any pressing questions or feedback - perfect for those times when you're drowning in the to-do list and need to work out your next steps!

Get My Signature

Wealthy Wellpreneur Framework...

Break Free From Busy
Know what's not working in your business so that you can make effective and lasting changes that move you towards your ideal business & life, so you can ditch what's not working & focus on what is working for you. You'll be saying goodbye and good riddance to the hustle!


Live The Dream
Identify your unique business niche & vision, and what you want your life to look like so you can take steps to make it a reality. Stop living in groundhog day and start living the life you've been dreaming of. Because your life is not a Bill Murray movie!


The Wealthy Wellpreneur Mindset
Understand and integrate the empowering beliefs and actions  of Wealthy Wellpreneurs that will support you to up-level your business and success, so you can get to work on building your own empire in a way that works for you. Yes, to being wealthy in all it's forms!


Put Yourself First (Not Last)
Keep your own health and wellbeing at the top of the to-do list for and streamline your schedule so that you can do more of what you enjoy and show up in your business with more energy & fulfillment. Hello wine o'clock, saying no (or yes?) to game night with your neighbours and feeling more like yourself again!


Take Back Your Time
Design your online signature program to scale your services. Plus learn productivity, time and attention strategies, to optimise yourself for bigger results & more time / income freedom, so you're no longer split across responsibilities and claiming you have 'no time'. No more rushing to the laptop at 11:03pm to reply to an email!

Supercharge Your Support Systems
Automate your online business and use the power of supports across all aspects of your business and life. Including personal, professional, automated & outsourced supports, so you're not doing *all the things* (#nolife) & can take your business to the next level. Because there's no I in team!

Seamlessly Scale for Sustainable Success
Implement proven systems & solutions to scale beyond that darned glass ceiling of impact & income & doing everything yourself. Set up your business for long term growth, so you can actually begin to enjoy the income & impact you're capable of creating. That sun lounge and cocktail on the beach are looking good!

hey Hustler, I'm Michelle...

Helping people reach their full potential, grow their businesses and support people to have the lifestyle they want without sacrificing their wellbeing or relationships - is my jam!


Just a few short years ago I was where you are, feeling exhausted, burnt out, unfulfilled and letting my first business take over my life.


I was working full time as a Counsellor, and had built a 6 figure skincare business on the side with my partner. It might sound dreamy but I was #hustling all the hours, doing all the things and wearing all the hats.


Even when I quit my full time job and went all in with my business, I was still filling my new found time with more work! Low and behold, I developed adrenal fatigue - which was no surprise because I felt like I'd been hit by a truck each morning and was completely out of alignment.

My brand & life was being negatively impacted and something had to change. I worked on my personal growth, mindset, productivity & energy management and found new perspectives and strategies to put my personal life back on the radar and inject more soul into my business. The bonus? My business grew significantly in the process, surpassing 7 figures, and I was working LESS and feeling MORE fulfilled!

I realised that when I was "wealthy" and well behind the scenes of my business, my business was also more successful. I was my brand and my most important product!

I grouped what I learnt into my signature Wealthy Wellpreneur Framework (more about that inside the program!) and now support other women to jump off the busy treadmill, put their needs back on the table and claim soulful success in their business & life on THEIR terms, by creating a stand out online personal brand with their own personalised program.

So, are you ready to transform your business & life and become a Wealthy Wellpreneur?

Michelle has helped me fine tune my offering and held my hand through the practical steps of bringing it all together. She thinks about my business and gives insights and ideas I would never have thought of myself. It’s like having a partner - someone else on my team.

Agnesa S


“Michelle was so helpful throughout the program. I found that she really made and effort to understand what each of the group members wanted out of the program and was so forthcoming with advice and resources.”


“Wealthy Wellpreneurs has enabled me to go from having just an idea of how I would like to help people, to having the tools and a practical plan to carry out that vision. I can now see exactly how I can create a signature program to help my ideal client, and I'm so excited to put more work into that”

Carmen B




✔ Run a business in a health & wellbeing related service industry (Coaches, Consultants, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, TCMs, Dieticians, Speech Therapists etc)

✔ Have a current business or have started your business but are struggling to commit to growing your business to fit your lifestyle and after someone to guide you through the right steps for you

✔ Have tried all of the productivity hacks and success principles from successful entrepreneurs & experts but never feel like they're right for you or achieving any results

✔ Are looking to grow your online service offerings with your own online program and exchange the capped income and impact potential of working 1:1


✔ Have a current business set up that is contributing to overwhelm, time pressures or having to choose between your business goals and life goals (such as travel, starting a family, certain hobbies etc)



✘ You don't own your services or products and are selling another company's services/products (eg MLMs, Network Marketing)


✘ You have not yet started your business and are looking for basic business building support (eg: building a website or starting a social media account)

✘ You're not looking to invest in the growth & development of yourself & your business

✘  You're unable or unwilling to commit to making your business work on your terms in 2020

✘ Would like to remain stuck and continue to self sabotage the possibility of having your ideal business & life

✘ Feel unable to commit to engaging for 1-2hrs per week in the video training and coaching calls at all throughout the 12 week program

Got Questions?

When does the program start & finish?

How long do I have access to the program?

What if I'm unhappy with the program?

I don't have much time currently. Should I enroll?

Will I get a return on my investment?

I'm not in health & wellbeing, can I still join?



Want to chat about the program in more detail & determine if it's a fit for you and your business?
Schedule a free Wealthy Wellpreneurs Call now...

14 DAY
Money Back Guarentee

Trial the program for 14 days and if you're not satisfied you can get your money back (but I know once you're in you'll LOVE what you see!)


Select your preferred plan to join Wealthy Wellpreneurs and get started now!

Next Round Starts Monday 7th September 2020

There's over $7500 worth of value, but you won't even pay HALF that!



Self-Paced 'Wealthy Wellpreneur' Framework

7 Module Framework Video Trainings (Ongoing Access)

Module Workbook & Resources

☆ Module Meditations

Private Facebook Community


Fortnightly Group Calls

Fortnightly Office Hours
☆ Accountability Partner
Client Connection Training

Guest Expert Sessions - LIVE Nail Your Niche with Holly Maccue

6x Private 60min Coaching Calls
☆ Recordings of Calls

Unlimited Email & Voxer Access

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Group Program
(or 10x $197AUD monthly)

7 Module Framework Video Trainings (Ongoing Access)

Module Workbook & Resources

☆ Module Meditations

Private Facebook Community


Fortnightly Group Calls

Fortnightly Office Hours
☆ Accountability Partner
Client Connection Training

Guest Expert Sessions - LIVE Get A No Brainer YES - Holly Maccue

EARLY BIRD BONUS - 90 Minute Coaching Call with Michelle

6x Private 60min Coaching Calls
☆ Recordings of Calls

Unlimited Email & Voxer Access

Payment Plan Total $1997AUD




Group Program + VIP Package
(or 10x $449AUD monthly)

7 Module Framework Video Trainings (Ongoing Access)

Module Workbook & Resources

☆ Module Meditations

☆ Private Facebook Community


Fortnightly Group Calls

Fortnightly Office Hours
☆ Accountability Partner
Client Connection Training

Guest Expert Sessions - LIVE Get A No Brainer YES - Holly Maccue

☆ EARLY BIRD BONUS - 90 Minute Coaching Call with Michelle

6x Private 60min Coaching Calls
☆ Recordings of Calls

Unlimited Email & Voxer Access

Payment Plan Total $4490AUD

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