Overcome your fear, self-sabotage + business blocks to become the most empowered version of yourself - so you can increase your influence, impact & income


You know the woman...


The one who seems to have it all.

The one who seems confident enough to do anything.

The one who has all the money. All the clients. All the special sauce.

The one who isn't afraid to say what she thinks. Post selfies. Hit the live button.

The one where you ask yourself 'What does she have that I don't have?' or 'Why can't I be more like her?'


Here's the thing...she doesn't have anything that you don't already have,

she's simply mastered her mindset, her confidence, her doubts and her strengths.


And you can too. Everything you need, is already inside of you...

And when you harness it, that's when you become Unstoppable.


It's time to say - NO MORE!


No more letting fear of failure, or rejection, or success hold you back

No more glorifying other women doing what you want to do as "better"

No more letting your past dictate your future

No more holding on to what other people think of you

No more following the rules or "shoulds" that don't align with you

No more avoidance of decisions or taking action in your business

No more telling yourself your not good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough, or cool enough

No more throwing in the towel when things don't go to plan or you fail to meet your expectations

Introducing ...UNSTOPPABLE!

A 6 week intensive program to jolt you out of your comfort zone, address what's holding you back in your business (and life), and support you to step into the empowered, confident business woman that is brewing inside of you...

  • Discover what blocks are holding you back and keeping you secretly struggling or missing the mark when it comes to your results

    Every week there'll be new training and coaching support to guide you through overcoming common mindset blocks,  tuning into your true potential & purpose, ditching fear and taking inspired action to manifest your big goals!

  • Create results in your business with ease & flow - and that fit in with life

    Stop letting business feel hard and learn how to shift into a more confident, empowered energy that allows you to charge your worth, share your story, show up to serve, and sell your services from an aligned, effortless space.

  • Know how to attract & convert dream clients from a place of alignment & confidence, that turns them into raving fans!

    Unlock the mindset perspectives & actions of myself and other successful entrepreneurs and how you can create a successful business & life with flow & ease, where you not only attract your ideal clients but know exactly what to do and say to convert them into long term clients!


I created this program because I truly believe the core to any business success lies in the attitude of the business owner and needs to be the starting place before any of the strategies, tech or growth hacks


If you want a community and coach surrounding you as you dive deep and step into the person and business you know you're capable of, then I invite you to join us for this power punch of an energetic upgrade




Are you ready to ditch the excuses and become UNSTOPPABLE?!

Every week You'll Get...


    Each month I'll run a masterclass on a common business block & how to overcome it to stay unstuck and moving forward towards your goals


    (Worth $597)


    You'll get all the templates, guides and reflective tasks you need to really integrate the transformations in this program and convert it into inspired action. (Worth $297)


    I value connection, so you'll have ongoing access to my private members community to ask questions, get support & connect with like-minded women. PLUS, I'll run weekly office hours to answer your burning questions! (Worth $997)

Each week we'll be exploring + overcoming one of the 6 Business Blocks:

  • Fear + Self Doubt

  • Uncertainty + Lack of Control

  • Unrealistic Expectations of Self + Others

  • Money Blocks + Worthiness

  • Lack of Time + Focused Results

  • Lack of Direction + Commitment

“I was able to brainstorm my ideas and vision about my program and having Michelle to guide and support me to make it all realistic and doable…”


“I have been shown so many options that I had no idea were possibilities. I have learnt so much about how to begin running a business in a way that benefits me and my wellbeing. I have also discovered more about myself, my strengths and where in my business I can share the load.”

Natasha P

Health Coach

For me, I realise now that you have to make the commitment to yourself and what it is you want to do and then jump!! Let it be messy if it needs to at the start.


Putting myself and my offering online is not as ridiculous as I originally thought and have surprised myself at how I have wrangled the technology without too much trauma!! :)

Sharon S

Yoga Teacher

I'm starting to recognise my limiting thought patterns more clearly for what they really are and realising how much they have been holding me back. I've been way too concerned about what people think of me!

I can recognize them now, I am trying hard to change my usual/default behaviour which is to avoid putting myself out there etc

Mel A


hey, I know what it's like...


To be afraid to put yourself out there and follow your business dreams...


It almost stopped me from launching Wellbeing Weekly!


I was terrified of being seen, terrified of being judged, terrified of making mistakes, terrified of sharing my views/knowledge and most of all - terrified of no one caring what I had to say or that it would all fall flat.


But, I had a vision of who I knew I could be and decided that I wasn't going to let a handful of people stop me from impacting hundreds or thousands of people! So I got to work...


I've built product based brands and personal brands and I know what it takes to rise above fear, doubt, limiting beliefs, comparisonitis and more. It's an ongoing journey of learning how to harness your strengths, dusting yourself off and rising again, fortitude and moving through inevitable blocks.


That's why I created Unstoppable to support you to let go of the excuses, ditch the fear & self-sabotage, put your true desires back on the table and rise up to claim the soulful success that you deserve in business AND life...


​Are you ready to become Unstoppable?

"Michelle has helped me fine tune my offering and held my hand through the practical steps of bringing it all together. She thinks about my business and gives insights and ideas I would never have thought of myself. It’s like having a partner - someone else on my team."

Agnesa S


“Michelle was so helpful throughout the program. I found that she really made and effort to understand what each of the group members wanted out of the program and was so forthcoming with advice and resources.”​

Carmen B



We start 8th February 2021!

$397AUD or 2x payments of $250AUD

Ready to join us?

Monthly Payment Plan Available

I'm offering 5 private intensive spots, where you'll also get:

Monthly Payment Plan Available

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